"Andi Mack" / Disney Channel TV Series

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June 2011

:60 Spot for Prudential 

A unique TV spot for Prudential that I was involved with. 30+ DP's shooting the same sunrise across the country on the same day. Shane Hurlburt, ASC was the supervising DP and Ringan Ledwidge directed this interesting concept spot.

To capture this picturesque footage, 30 DP's with Canon 5D cameras were strategically placed across the USA to track one sunrise simultaneously, which yielded a myriad of majestic shots. The film was then shot in one day, all within a three-hour window. The montage of shots were then seamlessly edited together to evoke the feeling of omnipresence.



Sept 2010 

:60 Lagoon AMusement Park / 16 X 9 Super 8mm Spot

Coca-Cola sponsored "Endless Summer-Bombora" campaign for Lagoon Amusement Park featuring, "Let's Go Surfing" by The Drums. Produced by Vineyard Productions, the entire campaign, 5 different spots, were created and directed by Matt Hodgson, all shot on Super 8mm film by cinematographer Matthew Williams and edited by TJ Nelson. Super 8mm Widescreen HD film transfer and best light color sweetening by Kevin T. Miller @ Pro8mm in Burbank and final color sweetening by Jeff Tillotson @ LightPress in Seattle.  




July 2010

The Foundation For A Better Life
has chosen the TV spot we shot a couple of years ago, "Concert," to be their first spot to air in China. We travel to China next month to shoot a new version with music sensation Lang Lang. This spot has proven to be very popular and will be a good one to start off the campaign.

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 April, 2010
"Journey to Mecca" wins Remi Award for Best Dramatic Short at the 43rd annual
Houston International Film Festival.

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"Journey to Mecca" / IMAX
Cosmic Picture / SK Films
Film Format: IMAX 2D
Release: 2009

Moroccan law student Ibn Battuta set out for Mecca in 1325 to perform the Hajj. Over 30 years he traveled three times further than Marco Polo. Experience the greatest annual pilgrimage on earth through the epic story of one of history's greatest travelers and join the Hajj as it happens today.

Winner Le Prix Du Public / La Géode Film Festival / Paris / Jan 2009




Aug 11, 2008 / "The American Mall" Premiere Ad / MTV
Nominated for DGA Award / Jan 2009



"Boxboarders" DVD Release July 2008 / Peach Arch Entertainment

August 2008, Laguna Beach Independent Article

The Huffington Post Article

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 "The American Mall" (2008) / MTV - Paramount

Premiere July 18, 2008 ArcLight Theater, Hollywood
MTV Television Premiere Aug 11, 2008

The American Mall Website

Hollywood Reporter Article

Kodak InCamera Magazine July 2008 Article





 "Lock and Roll Forever" (2008) / Sony Music Entertainment

11/07 - Matt has wrapped the new feature film, "Lock and Roll Forever" starring Japanese Ska band... Oreskaband, Lucas Grabeel (High School Musical 1, 2 & 3), Ike Barinholtz (Mad TV), Brad Dourif (Lord of the Rings), and Taylor Negron.

Variety 10/2007

Independent Film Quarterly





American Pastime / Sundance 2007 / (Matt's still photo)

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2006- Luminair's George Elder and Hollywood Pros Produce "Boxboarders" Mockumentary in L.A.

Chicago - "Boxboarders!" is a mockumentary written and directed by Hollywood's Rob Hedden and shot in his home town of Laguna Beach, whose credits widely range from "Clockstoppers" to many "reunion" TV shows and sitcoms, and Jay Smith were Elder's co-producers. "Boxboarders!" follows the unlikely rise to fame of a group of teenage surfing slackers who are unable to hit the waves. Instead, they accidentally create an insanely-reckless land version of the sport, after putting a refrigerator box on a skateboard and surfing the hilly streets of Laguna Beach. The DP on the 24p HD project was Matthew Williams ("Touched by an Angel" "Promised Land" series), editor, David Bertman ("Seven Days Six Nights"); costumes designed by Bob Moore ("No Laughing Matter"), all L.A. "Boxboarders!" has no distribution deal as yet. The company may hire a producer's rep to sell to a distributor, or go the festival route to build an audience. "We have a very funny movie on our hands," Elder said.

In 2004, Elder produced a feature-length doc, "Piaf: Her Story, Her Songs," starring Raquel Bitton and produced for Modern Entertainment. Lion's Gate bought Modern's 500-film library and is distributing "Piaf." - Ruth L Ratny



Stephen Hawking's: Beyond the Horizon (2009)

St. John's College - Cambridge, England - LA actress Lena Patel and Stephen Hawking in a scene from the upcoming IMAX film, Stephen Hawking's: Beyond the Horizon. The film is being directed by Bruce Neibaur (Mysteries of Egypt).

(Above still frame work print / Film Transfer / 65mm / 2:40)

(The dialog scenes are being shot in 5 perf 65 (2:40) with the rest of the film shot in 15 perf (1:34))



Matt preps the 765 65mm camera @ ARRI in Munich, Germany for "Stephen Hawking's Beyond the Horizon" where (3) 65mm formats are being utilized in the same film (8 perf IWERKS, 15 perf IMAX and 5 perf Arri 65mm). The film will be released in the 15 perf IMAX format.

For more information, Please see the UNIVERSE PARTNERS web site... 



Mountain View, CA - 2004
Silicon Graphics has teamed with Universe Partners, LLC, for the upcoming large-format IMAX film project, "Stephen Hawking's Beyond the Horizon." As the film's lead corporate technology partner, SGI has committed two million dollars in the form of visualization support, systems and personnel, in line with the company's dual focus on scientific and media computing. Universe Partners was formed with the sole purpose of working with Professor Hawking to develop a general audience IMAX film that visualized the new horizons of Cosmology.



Markee Magazine / Oct 2004

Lighting Techniques article about Matt's work on the IMAX film, "India: Kingdom of the Tiger"



Post Magazine / "Digital Intermediates" Article / Aug 2003

Aug 2003, Los Angeles - "In many cases, the imagery could not have been produced using traditional filmmaking processes. At the open house, attendees were shown a B&W short film called "Wanted," photographed by independent filmmaker Matthew Williams.

According to Sunset Digital's COO, Jeff Ross, "People really took a step back when we explained that Matt had shot it in color [using the Panasonic VariCam 720p HD camcorder] and then we 'sucked all the color out' in the digital intermediate process. When it was finished, it was a gorgeous B&W movie that really maximized the dynamic range of the imagery." At the end of the process, the B&W images were recorded onto 35mm film." Click here for the complete article in Post Magazine



First IMAX film about India: 



Read an in depth conversation with Matt on Panasonic's web site  / 2002




LA Cinegear 2002 Ad




"Peace of Mind" ad for Otto Nemenz/camera rentals in Los Angeles, January 2000 issue of American Cinematographer magazine.




"Hearst Castle : Building the Dream" / Kodak InCamera Magazine / 1998