"A Safe Place" from Matthew Williams on Vimeo.

 "A Safe Place" (2017) - Volunteers of America
Director of Photogrpahy: Matthew Williams
Co-Directors: Matthew Williams and Dave Cummins
Canon C500 4K / Odyssey 7Q+




"The Sac Fly" (2015)
Director of Photography: Matthew Williams
Blackmagic Cinema Camera DNG 2.5K Raw / Black & White
Writer / Director: Deep Williams


"Wanted" (2004) Short Film, Branded Entertainment
Panasonic HD with Pro35 Lens Adapter & 35mm Lenses... Film out to 35mm Prints.
Written and Directed by Matt Hodgson
Produced by Brent Feulner

"Hiding in Walls" (2002) Panasonic HD
Written & Directed by Bob & Rob
Produced by Pat Stack


"Chloe's Blanket" (1998) - 16mm Film
Written and Directed by Lory Smith 


"Three Things I've Learned" (1994) 16mm Film
Sundance Film Festival & 13 International Film Festivals
Produced and directed by Lory Smith
Written by Michael Kelly